Here we are, overcast sky looks like pretty dark clouds, could be some boomers and bangers today.  We got all our electronics plugged in so I hope my truck don’t blow up.  I never thought in my lifetime my truck would be a command center as dad calls it.  I can’t wash it cuz the rain keeps a right on coming.  We had a wonderful offer this morning from an active duty Master SGT in the Airforce.  He has lost two friends, drives his motorcycle each year to Arlington in memory of them.  This year he has offered to escort us to Camp Lejeune in their memory.  What an Honor for Quilts of Valor Across America.  So pray he will have a safe journey to meet us and we will put his friends name up on our blog.  We don’t get to see the news, so you guys half to keep us updated, and push those news station BIG BIG news so Camp Lejeune will be happy to see us.  Tink those brownies are to die for, Catherines in back seat carrying on how good they are,  And we have cookies from Warrenton too. Life is good on Road  — G
On the road the morning stay tuned with Quilts of Valor Across America.   -G