I have said so often that we are like Christmas all year because what we give is so meaningful. From November 17th, the night we awarded to the NAMPOWS (prisoners of war from Vietnam), it seems each time we go to do something involving Quilts of Honor, we receive another blessing.
This past week we went to Dignity Alcove, a rehabilitation center for homeless veterans. This is our second year to award quilts there. Native Daughters of the Golden West have been helping the guys at Christmas. They decorate a tree, set up bingo, and cater a special lunch to bring a little of Christmas to them. Roberta Taylor, a Gold Star mom, had asked me to help so I told her if the guys complete the program, we would award them a quilt. The program is approved by the VA and each week they inspect the facility. There are 40 beds and the veterans can stay up to 2 years.
We went to lunch first and as we were eating our lunch I struck up a conversation with a Marine who had been homeless for 4 years. As we talked, the tears rolled down his face and I thought to myself how hard it was for him to ask for help. As we got ready to move I said, “Remember you’re a Marine; you can do anything.” He said “yes I can.” I felt good talking to him but it also made me realize that there are veterans everywhere who need our help in so many ways. We then went to award our quilts. The first one, Ralph, you can see his smile tells it all. Then came Julian who they had to go find but he was thrilled once he saw what he received. It was a good day and we felt like we are making a difference in their lives by showing them someone does care.
So, do we reach our veterans? I would say we do a pretty good job of finding those in need from homeless veterans to prisoners of war.
On Sunday Flo and I were asked to come to Delta A’s Car Club. They wanted me to speak about our trip to New Orleans and the NAMPOWS. The last 2 years we have given quilts to veterans in the club. They drive these cool Model-A cars and dress in the era. They have a Christmas brunch and it includes prime rib for breakfast – I just love it. This time Cyndy, our videographer, helped me and we showed the short video of what she had made from our trip. Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation. They all chipped in donations then they voted Flo and I into the Delta A’s as members. We laughed and said we didn’t even have a car. They replied that it wasn’t a problem. So what a week already. We headed home, I walk in the door telling mom all about what happened at Delta A’s and she said, “OMG, now you’re going to buy one of those cars, I just know it.” Don’t you just love what your moms can come out with?
It has been a great year for Quilts of Honor. We never really know what a day may bring but it thrills our hearts to see how many we make happy with our Quilts.
May you all be blessed this holiday season with happy memories and loving friends and family. I know I am blessed to have each of you in my life. Thank you for being part of our Quilts of Honor Family.
God bless you and your family and Merry Christmas,