We decided to take it slow today and spent the morning enjoying the house and the view of the river. We all took our turns watching the birds. I happened out on the deck by myself and I heard what sounded like a water spout. When I looked out, there was a dolphin. I got so excited and yelled at everyone. Soon all of us were watching the water. Debbie, Flo and I went down onto the dock but Flo had to climb to the top of the ladder they use for big boats.

Then we decided to go for a ride. We had seen signs for Savage Bayou Wildlife Refuse so Carl, Debbie, Flo, Rita and myself all jumped in the car. Since we have been here, we stop often and talk to locals and we always find out good stuff. It was a nice little walk but not what we expected either. Rita and Debbie got me on a gravel frontage road – remember I’m driving the BIG NCIS car – and the road dead ends so I gotta made a u-turn with marsh on one side and lake on the other. Of course I did it – I used to drive a 5 ton wrecker in the Army but that was 40 years ago.

We dropped Carl off at the house – think he had enough of our side trips. We went across the bridge and stopped at a place called Crazy Bar. We all had to make a restroom stop – wait till you see the pictures of the bathroom. I almost died laughing. You stepped up to a cement platform the toilet was on and the door was a shower curtain. The painted pictures on the wall were a riot. What an experience! We started talking to the only 2 people in the bar and found out all kinds of things, so next time, we will be in the know.

We are now sitting in a room basically hiding from the NAMPOWS. We will go in for dinner, sit at a table together and change right after dinner.

All I can say about tonight is we are so blessed to be able to do this. You will see a few pictures but they are just a few to let you see a little of what we experienced. It was almost like pandemonium after the first 5 quilts came out. We all said we have never experienced anything like it – they were so appreciative of what we do. Cyndy took an awesome video of how the guys felt. She will be working it so we can all see some of it. Debbie was taking still shots and got some good pictures also. It took 8 of us to do or job – I am so proud of our QOH crew. They were absolutely on the money with getting the quilts in order so we could present. We actually did over 85 quilts in 40 minutes. I got more kisses and hugs more than ever. The crew is still amazed at what a night we had.

So, for tonight, God Bless you all. To all of our quilters and piecers back home, thank you for all you did to make this mission complete.

We will post more soon,