We had an exciting day Sunday – the California Vietnam Veterans placed Johnny O. Brooks’ name on their Memorial Wall.  Most of you know that Johnny was married to Flora, known to us as Flo.  She is a QOH Board member and gives her passion to Quilts of Honor.  She knows what a wounded warrior suffers.  Debbie, Carl and I went to support Flo as they read the names that had been added to the Wall.  Johnny passed in 2011 but we never forget what he sacrificed.  It was an honor to accompany Flo.  She gave Johnny her best for 41 years and we are proud she is a part of the Quilts of Honor family.

Barbara and I will be flying to San Antonio, Texas on Monday to meet our QOH Group and spend a couple of days.  Fred promises me Longhorns and cow patties – should be right up my alley.  So stay tuned for another adventure.

God bless,