Sunday was one busy day. Off to Stockton Country Club for Delta A’s Car Club Christmas brunch and to award 4 quilts. Last year Flo and I attended and it was the first time in my life I had prime rib before 11:00 am. It was the best and they didn’t disappoint me either this year.

We awarded quilts to two Vietnam veterans. They had both done the same job in Vietnam – one replaced the other and they didn’t find out until years later and today they both received quilts. We also look forward every year to spending time with Andy and Carol Prokop. Andy is a good friend and CEO of United Way and a great supporter of Quilts of Honor. The Club was gracious to let us eat and run and gave us a generous donation.

We left there and headed to the Sacramento Airport. We flew Delta and they upgraded our seats since I was handicapped, so that was cool. So, Sunday was one full day.

We arrived at 11:00 pm and in bed by 12:00 midnight then got up at 5:30 am. I think we were walking zombies.

Today was really a different day for me. Always being in DC is a treat and an experience. We took the Metro as they said it was easier – Ha, is what I’m going to say about that – remember, I’m a country kid. We didn’t make a u-turn but boy, they can keep the Metro. We were pretty proud of ourselves as we did get there and back.

We had our event at the Department of Transportation – what a nice building. We were screened through security and all of us got champion badges. Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor gave us this great speech and told us we were part of 1,300 Champions selected all across the United States. I thought that was pretty cool. There were 400 of us at the reunion from 41 states. We broke off at noon to groups and Veterans Affairs was my group. We met some great female veterans and talked about Veterans Affairs. They all knew about Quilts of Honor so guess we are doing something right.

I was glad I had the chance to come. It made me realize we can make a difference and a change.

Off to bed early tonight. We will see what tomorrow brings. Thank you to those who commented on FaceBook.

God Bless,