Boy what a day for the Belmont Family.  When the main man gets sick,  look out,  heaven help those that stand in the way of our dad, getting medical attention.  He is now in a better hospital.  We may be looking at surgery but not for a few days.  We are now hoping things will slow down.  I get interviewed by Union Democrat tomorrow am and next week a story for channel 3.  I know one day soon I’ll get to quilt a QOV.  All of you out there Keep on quilting I will catch up soon.  Thank you for caring and the prayers.

Sometimes it pays to be in the news.  We get dad transfered to hospital, and the Dr arrives he goes in to examine dad and says, “Well Robert, maybe we should get your stomach fixed so you can travel across America again without problems”.  The Dr had seen the article in paper on our QOVs and thanked us for what we .  Who would of thought, and I’m thanking him for treating my dad.  –G