Good Luck! … So dad makes sure us ladies are all up and at it.  So I go out to load truck and dad comes of course.  He’s checking to see if I’m doing it right, and a man appears.  He saw dad and said “I see your trailer, what is quilts of valor?” so dad starts giving him the talk, and if you know dad, he can talk.  I add my two cents the man hands me a donation, it was a 100 bucks I was ticked pink.  I went into breakfast and catherine was sitting there. I handed her the bill and said I was solisting the parking lot.  So don’t say I didn’t do my job.  She almost fell out of the chair.  Someone is looking after us thank you to our stranger.  Life is good on the road .
Leading us through the city of Lincoln.  Its not raining yet and I pray today it doesn’t.  We have 2 pickups today, 1 in Kansas City.  We’re meeting at a mall then will be escorted to WWII memorial.  We leave Kansas City to Warrenton.  Then another escort and big event,  then escort to arches in St. Louis our half way point.  You know our quilts of valor are specia,l even more special when you see these riders escorting us there, thanking us and if they only new how proud we are there doing this for us.  What a morning start

Were on the road with 5 riders

I had goosebumps this am when we took off escorted by our legion riders. Gail just told me she has already posted two items. I am here trying to make space on my computer, so I can get footage from yesterday on the external hard drive.  We are now crossing into ks. I. Wish u were all here. I am so humbled and proud at the same time.
Please if you could call, email, twitter, facebook, whatever to get our message to the news media.  We are still looking for funding for the 3/8th project.  If your leaving a comment, please include where your from.  We would like to map all the wonderful people supporting our efforts. (look at Follow that Quilt: zoom out to see world map, Yay!!!)   –admin