We have now crossed into AZ.  What’s really neat is were riding home on the Purple Heart Trail Hwy.  I’ve found in my life there are always little signs not letting me forget what we do with the Quilts of Valor.  Even in Caseyville, Catherine and I were walking through Walmart parking lot and a gentleman walks up to us and asked what is Quilts of Valor.  Turned out he was a Master Sgt. with the Airforce.  He worked at the base there and received our wounded.  If you’ve gotten those little signs in your life,  I think that’s a small thank you for what your doing.  The great thing about QOV is we’re everyday AMERICANS with a strong pride.  We are in new territory with our quilts, but as Catherine always says “you can never go wrong by giving”.  I want to give all of you a huge THANK YOU to all that have helped with our mission to continue covering our warriors.  Keep quilting, keep telling our stories.  Stayed tuned as we begin our last leg of our journey.  On the road again  —-Gail

CA!!!  Were all getting excited, as Catherine said, ” its like the horse heading to the barn”  and my horse Punky does that.  You turn her head just a litte toward home and look out,  were off.  Stay tuned we’ve almost finished our journey.  –G

Lunch stop pizza hut so we know were back in good old CA.  Dad is now driving, so if we get stopped for going too fast.  Out comes the badge.  We are now in Barstow heading to see my aunt, my moms sister who isn’t well.  We will make decison then if we try to make it home or stay in Fresno. What a trip this has been.  Most people take a regular vacation see the sites.   I bet if this truck had wings we’d be flying now.  Gas has gone up since we’ve been gone.  I hope My garden has grown.  I will keep you posted on our last leg of the long drive home.   –G

Well, Bella is still riding in the trailer.  Were probably going to drop her off soon we didn’t get any offers for red white and blue outfits.  So I guess you all used all your fabrics in QOVs.   We haven’t decided what we will do with her, but she manned that trailer for us.  That trailer is pretty great it carried all those QOVs to our Marines and it to is a piece of
History maybe we should auction it on ebay —G

purple heart trailHow fitting, that we our on this section of HWY.  –Gail