We started off the day with a nice breakfast at the hotel and then got on the road for Nashville. Wasn’t even five miles down the road when we made our first u-turn of the day! To the Fall Festival!

The Fall Festival was out on a hilly pasture with a house and a barn. Our first booth was Diane and Pam who made baskets by hand with pine needles. We all became instant friends as we learned the history of basket making. Pam learned from her Native American grandmother at the age of nine. Of course we got little treasures.

We then stopped at a booth to get a free bag from the Tennessee Bank and there we met Lasiter. On the table was a beautiful painting of an eagle by Robert Tino. Of course I wanted one but they weren’t for sale. In our conversation with Lasiter we learned that they use the money from the paintings to donate to service dogs for veterans. As I shared my story of Rue, and Flo showed her a picture, and Debbie tried to donate money, Lasiter said she would love to donate to our organization and took a picture with us. She is going to send us one of the eagle paintings – they are small but so beautiful. The artist, Robert, had done these especially to help raise money for service dogs. At the last booth, we met a nice couple. The wife photographed wildlife and had many amazing shots of eagles. She has one eagle family she has followed for seven years. We left the Fall Festival saying how friendly the people all were and how down home it all was. Just wish we could have shipped a bushel of apples home.

Our hardest thing this morning has been trying to find a Starbucks. They don’t have them here like we do in California. We had to google to find one. We’re spoiled!

Stay tuned as we continue on our adventure. Tonight we go to the Grand Ole Opry, and hunting down barns with quilt blocks painted on the sides.

God bless,