texasIts 5:22 on the road again.  Russ’ alarm went off an hour early, so Dad Belmont says will were awake now and I know. Catherine can relate to that after a week with the Belmont’s on the road. So no tellin where we will land tonight.  I’ve decided we need a road inspector for the us.  Do you know how hard it is to type with your teeth almost fallen out of your head from bouncing.  If President Obama is listening we need some freeways fixed. To bad we couldn’t plug in the longarm going down the road I could get a lot done would’t that.  Be a sight to all watch.  Have a good day and bless our troops in harms way, keep them safe.  On the road again.  —G

crossThis stop for Russ who has a Graduate Degree of Theology is like us going to a quilt shop. I got a beautiful shot of flag waving in front of cross.  If you ever get the chance to stop its amazing.  The other picture is off Hwy 40. On the road again

Even though we got on the road early we stopped for Russ, so then I said can’t we stop at the western store for me.  So were both happy now.  We just went by a cattle feed lot so you know were in TX.  Catherine would be in the back seat carrying on, she’s just a city lady.  We called them City Slicker where I come from.  We are into the flat lands now And Bella is still hitchen a ride I think she needs a new outfit.  Ladies maybe red white and blue.  In CA you could use her to ride in the passenger seat so you could make car pool lane.  Staring to look cloudy in the distance and windy on the plains.  On the road again.  -G

As I ride across this beautiful land, I was thinking, since there ain’ t much else to do in the truck.
Hope those QOV,ers are out there quilting.  We already have new point of contacts for destinations.  I also think we need to find all our groups out there, So were all on same page same.  Basic info on all labels, right sizes on quilts.  There is a lot we need to focus on so stayed tuned.  On the road again

So here we are, our phones are going dead, were trying to recharge and the chargers don’t work.  When Dad Belmont says do you have some candy?  We start looking.  Now you have to realize, we have stuff everywhere.  Hardly have room for our feet.  The small ice chest falls over, between Mom and me,  ice cold water come pouring out.  Mom’s feet are in it.  It’s everywhere.  We say “Dad you gotta stop”,  finally we pull over Russ runs to back to get towels cars are flying by us at 70 mph. What a mess, were throwing everything onto my backpack.  We finally settle down and I go to sit in my seat.  You’d thought I wet my pants,  needless to say it woke us all up.  Another lesson learned.  Don’t put ice chest on top of seat.  I may learn how to travel after this.  On the road again  –G

Hey everyone still on the road we are now in NM were outside of Gallop.  We’ve done good, gettin on down the road.   I think I’ve probably bored everyone with my stories.  Russ and I are eatin’ Dad’s expensive pretzels, but Tink and Dick brought me my own and Deb and Duane brought Dad  some,  so were sharing like a family should.  This is great we can all be together WITH some special time.   Now we make stories of what we see just to keep each other Entertained.
Stay tuned God bless everyone  –G

Made it to Gallop NM couldn’t find a room but we finally got one.  We are all beat but Dad won’t admit it.  It doesn’t look like there’s money problems around here.  All the hotels are full, new construction everywhere, a lot of vacationers, didn’t see any quilters or shop I got my eye out for them.  —G