I don’t know where we will be tomorrow night, but what I do know is it will be closer to home. It has been a special journey indeed. We met so many great people on the road.  I hope we all can keep in contact.  I know I won’t forget anyone.  The points of contacts that helped me,went above and beyond to make our stops special. I wish I lived closer to all of you.  What we do as Quilts of Valor Wartime quilters is a labor of love for our warriors and country. What we give in our quilts is more than just fabric, batting and thread. There a piece of your Heart   and I know all of you feel a special bond with other QOV’ers.  So I’m thinking about blogging once a week to keep us together.  If any of you have ideas I want to hear from you.  Let’s keep up the good work.  God bless everyone.  Stay tuned.  Our mission is still going until we cover all those Warriors in need.   –Gail