Its sunny its hot but we got a little rest.  We were all so tired last night we didn’t eat.  We had an early dinner, we thought were on west coast time, so Catherine and I kept saying let’s get dressed and go eat.  But we couldn’t move. I said I can go to truck, we got goodies there, Thanks to all our generous stops, but we didn’t move and out our window is taco bell it never looked so good.  But in the end we went to sleep.  This morning I might even have eggs and ham. We sort the quilts today and we hope to meet the Jacksonville community. I will keep you updated. life on the road. —G

Catherine is sending pictures, i’m getting a new battery for the truck.  We want to get home.  We have more quilts coming today from the north east, Vickie is bringing them and we think she has around a hundred.  We’re meetin today at 1pm, will post a total when we’ve finished sortin and countin’ — G

So here’s our day this morning.  Catherine blew the battery up in the truck so we went Sams.  I’m on my way as the gofer to get taco bell.  Can you believe that were getting ready for big quilt sort.   -G

So Jean and Jackie went to mass, and the priest announced that we needed helpers.  They were so proud and the priest didn’t know that they were there I think were going to see a lot of people at our quilt sort in Jacksonvile.
We are all in Catherine and my room there is 7 of us with 7  conversations ,and Shawn is filming it.  Everyone is tying knots on tags for quilts.  Wish you all could see this its so awesome.  Stay tuned life on the road–G