What a  day, again how can I top yesterday.  This road trip is truly incredible.  We started the morning with our 100 bucks and I said to everyone this is going be our lucky day.  We met our second set of riders outside Warrenton.  When we stopped, Paul and Mildred Statler met us, they represent Gamill a sponsor of Quilts of Valor. Mr Statler was really a trooper, Catherine rode in his car so she could film us.  So she hung out the window like a maniac again, so I thought I’d try it, Mom was yellin “Gail get down the people are watching you” I said, “mom I gotta get the picture. ”  Warrenton was truly like going back in time. It was an American Celebration, the people clapped when we drove up, it was such a humbling experience.  I will never forget that salute.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.  For our QOVers I found another fabric sign.  We were sent off from Warrenton with homemade cookies sandwiches and escort to the county line.  We finished our day with meeting Tink and Dick from Wisconsin. They drove thier 17 quilts to us and gave me my own pretzels, and brownies for all of us.  Catherine and I drove to Walmart and was hit by a boomer and bangers thunder storm.  So there goes my wash job again.
I know I can’ t thank everyone enough for being out there for us.  If you all could see how much they love what you are doing, you’d just sew your fingers off.  I’m so proud of the groups across America making our QOV’s.
Each one of you are special to give back and that is what makes America.  See you on the road again
God bless to you   -G

Updated 6/10/09 PDT 11:51pm – Estimate total of quilts collected 923 (523 in truck) see chart in previous post