Day 5 – Vietnam Moving Wall

Well, I can honestly say that freedom is not free. To spend 5 days at the Vietnam Moving Wall and watch the veterans and people touch the Wall, look for names and then cry, makes you realize even more the price of freedom.

Monday, Flo and I went back to the Moving Wall so we could award quilts to the Honor Guard, Vietnam veterans, all selected just for this Moving Wall. They did a great job. They had a Marine Gunny Sargent in charge and when he called, they all jumped. Made me laugh thinking how many times I did that. We surprised them with a Quilt of Honor before the closing ceremony. The staff from the weekend gathered to watch and take pictures and it was really nice.

Then, you know me, I always have a few extra quilts and we saw a guy with a Purple Heart on his hat so we honored him with a quilt. As we were walking back to the Wall so Flo could see Johnny’s name one more time, Flo ran into a high school friend, a USMC Vietnam veteran who, as she tells me, was a first boyfriend (she’s going to get me for telling this). I had one quilt left so I asked Flo, “You want to give it him?” She finally said yes and the Gunny Sargent went and called him, made him stand at attention and we presented the quilt. Big tears came down his face as Flo filled out his label. As we walked away Flo said it was a good thing we gave him a quilt. I told her he had gotten one from her and that meant a lot.

So, we ended our 5 days at the Vietnam Moving Wall. It was an emotional, hard 5 days but ones we will never forget. It makes you realize how much our freedom is taken for granted. Today when you celebrate, think about all those who are still fighting for our freedom.

I am thankful I have the QOH Family that brings peace to so many who fought for our freedom by making our “Quilted Hugs of Gratitude.” May you all have a great 4th of July.

God bless America,