We had a nice drive down Interstate 5. We saw some beautiful poppies on the side of the mountains going up the Grapevine but couldn’t get good pictures at 70 mph. We stopped for lunch at Jimmy Deans – we had never seen one before and it was pretty good. I had fried zucchini chips that looked like French fries.

When we got to LA there was TRAFFIC. We got in the car pool lane and did okay until we got close to Disneyland then it was bumper to bumper. Barb was trying to get us to pull off but we missed it. We took a detour outside of LA and headed to the Pacific Coast Highway so we could see the beach. Sure was beautiful – just check out the picture.

We stopped at a rest stop just before San Diego and there was a handicapped bird sitting in our parking place – I had to take a picture. Flo threw out some cheese and I swear we had 75 seagulls trying to park handicapped. Boy did I drive out of that space fast. We arrived safely at the hotel after being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes to go 10 miles.

We have already seen some of our veterans. We are supposed to be incognito so it’s hard not to carry on a conversation with them.

We play tourist tomorrow so stay tuned. No telling what trouble we will find.

God bless,