We drove in at 9:35 it was dark.  We arrived to most beautiful site flags lined our pasture fences and there was our crew waiting for us.  Hugs all around and champagne.  Those flags,  even though it was dark,  was quite a gift.  The crew had to lock Red Valor(my donkey) JJ (my goat), and punky (my horse) up in the other pasture, so they wouldn’t eat the flags.  We can’t thank our crew enough for being there for us 24/7,  they are our family indeed.  To all those that stood by us,  the last 13 days it was an extra gift.  We will calm down after tomorrow when we have our Bunco tournment and dinner for
Quilts of Valor. When I get settled  I will write a note.  God Bless all of you that have helped to accomplish this mission.

Gail P Belmont
Operations Officer
Quilt of Valor Foundation