Boy, what happened to January? It’s almost over.
We all are trying to get back in the rhythm of Quilts Quilts Quilts but it sure doesn’t take us long as the phone keeps ringing and our website requests keep coming in.
We went to Queen B’s Quilts of Honor in Antioch on the first Thursday of the month and thanked the ladies for all they do. We surprised them as they didn’t know we were coming. They told us how they enjoyed our blogs and I told them to lookout, they might end up in the blog. We took Cyndy, our videographer so they just might see their faces in the future.
We are already booked in May for Fredericksburg, VA and Washington DC. We will need 100 quilts for those two events so we just keep on quilting.
We had a great Workshop Wednesday. Just look at those ladies working to put binding on the quilts. We had some new ladies attend and some of our ladies came back after being sick. It was great to see everyone.
You know if you’ve ever been to our Quilts of Honor Headquarters, they all joke Gail will give you a 5cent tour so I was giving my 5cent tour when one of the new ladies from the Sonora area said she was an Air Force Veteran. I asked her questions about when she did and when she replied that she was the first female electronics tech, I knew right then that she had endured stuff. I decided right then that I would surprise her with a quilt at lunch. She hadn’t even told anyone that she was a veteran, not even Lynne who went to church with her. So, before we ate lunch I called Carol, a Navy Veteran ans Betsy, an Army Veteran, up front of the group and explained what they had done and then asked Sue to join us as she is a veteran. When she walked up I presented her with a Quilt. Just look at that smile. Then she said to the girls that they were going to make her cry. It was so cool we could honor her and I was proud because I knew she had never been thanked. Women veterans are often forgotten and that’s why many don’t even tell you they served. God always finds a way to bring them to us.
The next day the Schwann man comes to deliver our ice cream, the best you know, and they had a new trainee. He walked in and said, “Did you send a quilt to PTSD rehab? I know I have one of your quilts. Thank you so much.” He received it in Colorado. You just never know who will come through the door.
So, it has been a pretty blessed month and looks like 2018 will be a good year.
God bless and keep quilting,
PS: I would also like to say a special thank you to the Mildred Luck Lewis Foundation known to us as ‘Millie, our angel from above’.