Things are starting to ramp up in Knoxville escort is waiting and Catherine was told to comb her hair as cameras are waiting clouds all over stay tuned.   -G

Live tv coverage, god help the hair.  Were being escorted by the Army.  Now Catherine is riding in the hummer I told her the Army was good.     Stay tuned  — G

Oh my lord we had three tv stations, they declared it Quilts of Valor Day by major.  The ladies paid for our rooms, we got fruit baskests, candies basket and Catherine got quilt stuff. We are now going to dinner with them all.  My Army escorted us, and now Catherine really likes Army since she got to ride in a humvee.  We awarded a QOV to the SGT in the 278th who escorted us in front of cameras rolling.
Stay tuned I love TN  —G