Today we got to meet up with my WAC Band Sister, Carol who has moved the DC area. She was the chauffeur driving us all over so we played tourist.

We went to the Vietnam Wall so Flo could see Johnny’s name. It was really cold but nice and sunny. Then we went to the Christmas market with over 60 booths – really different from California stuff. We had a nice lunch at the Green Turtle – what a name – then went on a tour of Shirlington, VA. You can see I tried to take pictures of every Christmas tree – they are so big and beautiful. We talked Carol into going to the variety store before heading back to Carl and Jeannine’s.

Jeannine made a great dinner and apple crisp. We could get spoiled here. We fly out at 5:30 am tomorrow and look forward to coming home. Even though I have been here for a few days, I’ve never stopped working. Our requests for events keep coming in so this next year is going to be interesting. Enjoy the pictures. Hope to see you all soon.

God bless,