Today was AMAZING … the Knoville TV station did announce that Catherine, Gail and their entourage would be attending our meeting but the members who saw the coverage didn’t tell the “big secret”! There was a gasp as Kate announced that CATHERINE ROBERTS, the founder of Quilts of Valor, and GAIL BELMONT were our surprise guests.
Kate and I are QOVF “groupies” … it is an honor to meet, talk with, and hug Catherine and Gail. They are everyone’s sisters and the dynamic gals we were in awe of in college.  Gail’s parents are so easy to be around … relaxed, supportive, and able to adjust to changes in schedule with a minute’s notice.
We thought the QOVF group would only be available for part of our meeting. [The “problems” at Lejeune were an unknown to us.] We were able to convince them to come over to view the quilts … then, they couldn’t turn down free meals. [The guild’s luncheon committee did an incredible job … major “wow” factor on the table decorations.]

Catherine presented the “viewers’ choice” award to our own beginner quilters bee. She commented on how fitting it was that women new to quilting created a QOV which earned the ribbon. [Hubby says it was very difficult to choose a favorite quilt … such a diplomat. Kate’s and mine went to Gail/Catherine to add to those for the 3/8 … therefore, NOT in the show!]

The quilt given to the Marine capt was conceived and made by guild president, Jolie Fischer. She used campaign medal ribbons as her theme.

Thanks to you all for “listening” … this was a day to remember. More than 200 people from the area viewed the quilts between 2 and 4PM. The quantity and quality of the quilts was awe inspiring.

Concerning Catherine and Gail … you really need to meet them as words cannot descibe the warmth, enthusiasm, intelligence and determination of these women.   –MJ