Friday we set up for the Not Forgotten Event in Manteca where we will be a vendor for two days.  They put us right in front of the Vietnam Traveling Wall but we weren’t planning on awarding any quilts on Friday.  So, right off a Vietnam Vet walks up to Flo and Barb and starts telling his story.  Why he picked us, I don’t’ know.  We hadn’t put up a sign yet, just our tents but you could tell he was distraught.  He turned and walked off and I asked Flo and Barb what he wanted.  They said he didn’t know the Vietnam Wall was here and that it included his brothers in Vietnam.  I told Debbie to go get him; we have to give him a quilt.  Debbie ran, and I mean ran, after him.  She told him we wanted to talk to him some more.  I introduced myself and talked to him as the girls feverishly looked for a Marine case and fabric pen.  Remember, we weren’t setup yet.  We finally had it together enough to award him a quilt.  He was so overwhelmed but so thankful and happy.  He then asked if he could pray with us.  We all got in a circle, arms around each other, and he thanked God for us and what we do.  That was a very special moment.  In all the years, we have never had one like Friday.

Sometimes we work so hard at QOH and we really wonder if this is too much but today showed how special it is.  This is a good start to remembering all our heroes.

Update on Dad Belmont – more tests being done and we hope to know more today.  Please keep the prayers going.

God bless all of you,