We didn’t have the greatest morning. The hotel we had booked to stay reminded us of the Bates Hotel so when we got done with the Table Rock Quilt Guild meeting, we decided to move to a new hotel. It was quite an ordeal but we prevailed and are now at a nice place. We had a great time meeting the Table Rock Quilt Guild’s 135 members and very nice ladies. I spoke a little, told our Vietnam Wall story and the story of Mom and Dad Belmont going across country to Warrington, MO in 2009 to take quilts to the Marines at Camp Lejeune. They seemed to love it all.

We met up with Bonnie and Barbara from Manteca and they went with us to the Guild meeting. We will see them again on Friday. It’s so great to have a QOH family and that we can do this together.

We must have driven around Branson 20 times and kept passing the same billboard and still didn’t know where we were. But, one thing for sure – we know where Silver Dollar City and Shepherd Hill are. It’s a wonder we didn’t get a ticket for going in circles. I didn’t do any U-turns, we just went round and round.

We had a great southern meal at lunch and fried chicken and green beans for dinner. I gotta say, they have this fried chicken down pat here. I took Debbie and Flo to Dicks 5 & 10 – they were both in shock. I gave them 10 minutes to look. Flo said, “You’ve got to be kidding. This just isn’t right.” They both need a bigger bag already.

We met 5 Quilts of Honor ladies at the Elks Club to have dinner and present quilts. We gave out 6 quilts and a good thing we brought extras because we were short one. We came through to honor veterans and not leave one forgotten.

We finally found the hotel Mom and Dad Belmont managed. It’s now a Holiday Inn Express so the pictures are for them.

We are now ready to call it a night. We pick Rita up tomorrow so it should be a great day. We had boomers and bangers last night and it rained buckets, it was so much water. Today just sprinkles off and on.

God bless and stay tuned . . . . . . . .