We worked the whole month of February preparing for San Diego. Here’s a little of what it takes to keep us going and the quilts moving.

Delphia runs Abigail, and Betty is the pillowcase queen. Their sister, Donna, comes with them when she can. They came twice a week and the Oakdale sisters started coming every other Tuesday to help out. Rita comes every Tuesday to help cut backs and batting for the quilts and run Abigail. Cathy comes every Tuesday afternoon to sew binding on one side of the quilts. Willene comes every Tuesday to mail out all the quilt requests we have received – this week we mailed 12 quilts. Flo comes once a week to help wherever we need. Barb is here every day except when she goes to Disneyland. Jan comes in and out at least twice a week to try and straighten me out. Mom is in and out all day helping and of course Dad over sees.

To finish getting the quilts ready for San Diego, the Oakdale sisters and Flo came on Saturday. We looked like a sweat shop. Joyce and Rene did quality control on all 75 of the quilts; Flo and Jeanette wrote all the names on the quilt labels; Cora helped pin cards to the quilts – someone was always ironing or fixing a broken thread; Barb ran shotgun on all of them; and I just kept on quilting. It truly amazes us all how much there is to getting these quilts out the door. On Monday, Louie and Becky picked up 8 Duffels full of quilts headed to San Diego. They will transport them in their RV making it easier for us.

Our workshop last Wednesday was one for the record books. We had 53 volunteer quilt angels. I mean they all jumped in, grabbed those quilts, and started binding. We had over 30 to bind and label and at the end of the day, there were very few not finished. Our show and tell was unbelievable – 50 plus tops received and over 26 completed quilts from Fabric Garden and Queen B’s. The Oakdale sisters sent 17 tops. This was so awesome and we still need so many more. Each one is so beautiful! We have some very talented quilters. We were also glad that the Manteca quilters have joined us at our Workshop.

We always have show and tell of each quilt we receive. We laugh, cry, eat together, and enjoy our passion of quilting and making quilts for our veterans. I read all the thank you’s and tell of any events we have attended – often there is a story.

There isn’t really a spare seat but we always manage to fit everyone in. I love seeing faces as they come through the door with big smiles and hugs as everyone greets each other.

By the time you read this, Barb, Flo and I will be driving to San Diego. We will meet Della, Becky, Louie, and Aunt Rosemary who will be our crew. I will update as we actually take two days off.

I want to say I’m so proud of each one of you – how you all come together so we can continue our mission.

God bless and stay tuned……….