Valley springs or bust the Belmonts are on the road.  My brother has joined us and Catherine has departed to the airport.  We are trying to figure our route home as weather conditions are bad on the route were on.  It would of been great to see some of the people we’ve met.  We’ve made good friends throughout this trip.   –G

So were on the road, and I’m reflecting on what we did today. We set up 5 companies in rows.  Me being the SSG I told our group to form lines next to the quilts and for those of you that know me I just said Ladies and Gentleman your in the Marines today.  The first quilt, the High School Girl in the first group gave out she hugged the Marine.  After that everybody hugged and handed their quilt. Catherine and I had the honor of giving the Purple Hearts their quilts, we hugged shook there hands,and thanked them.  We didn’t cry but I’ve had a lump in my throat since we left there.  Still not believing we really did this.  To see all those warriors standing there with there quilts, was a site to behold.  –G

So we change what direction were heading going more south.  So were heading to Biringham, Alabama.
My old stompin grounds, so as were getting our route we pass Beth from TN she calls and says come over to Smithfield’s.  We get in there and it’s rockin’  Baptist church is there too. We all thought that was funny.  Best fried chicken, hush pupies’ cold slaw so good.  Then we get up to leave and the waitress tells us about her brother in Iraq and another young man that had PSTD so I gave her a card and then she said mam he killed himself two days ago we all felt bad.  I still promised a quilt we walked out and said how did she know what we do. I’ve learned with the Quilts of Valor things like this happen often.  So with a new route we’ll see what stories will unfold  -G

I did forget one important person.  I wanted to make sure I spelled her name right Jeannene. Thank You!!!   She made us have Wifi on the road,  and to our Stitchers team who is doing dinner Bunco to raise money for Quilts of Valor we just saw the neatest soda shop in NC.  On the road again  -G

Catherine should be in the air and home by tonight.  After spending 5 days with the Belmonts she probably needs a rest.  Were in SC lots of swamps and trying to rain I keep seeing fireworks so now I got Russ looking for them.  We heard from home and we’ ve received two thank you’s from Marines of 3/8. That shows you how special Marines are very respectful and proud.   On the road again countin down To CA    —G

Catherine is back up in the air.  We are less that 100 miles to Atlanta GA where we will spend the night.  We feel we’ve done good considering most if us got only 3 to 4 hrs sleep.  I spoke to Catherine she said she is tired out, but so proud of this group.  She’s  trying to tell me we need to do Army next year and I said don’t start. I told her last night I ain’t going do no Hollywood with the boom pole.  Georiga is green lots of trees.  On the road again  —G