Good morning America, weather is not looking good, rain and dark dark all around. Were 3 hrs from Lincoln so we are hopeful we’ll arrive early. Please pray for good weather.  We want our legion riders.  Dad is gasing up the truck $2.59 for gas.  Catherine is still on phone getting camera gift.  I’ve decide were like that Willie Nelson song ON THE ROAD AGAIN I was singing in my sleep last night. Keep sending those emails to everyone. See you on the road !!!    -G

Admin Note: we had over 1000 people follow our Blog Yesterday … please get the word out… send emails, call the media, we want America to know we’re here, and coming to NC.  Please, if you leave a comment let us know where your from so we can add you to “Follow That Quilt”.  Thanks  -pauline

Its pouring buckets were all quiet in truck, wondering when the rain will stop and I’m really wanting it to.  Hope all are safe at home and my chica dog is ok. We just passed the archway north plattle NE we couldn’t see it real good cuz of rain but it looked beautiful we were all screamin oh look . Its pouring harder I’m tellin I really love CA this is a little to much now.  -G

I am on the blackberrry. I like the keys. Gail is trying iphone andf she is complaining. Virginia suggested breaking a toothpick and using it as a  pointer. Iphone needs body heat. The Blackberry is  definitely is easier. R u listening apple.  –C

I’ll be the first to tell you, my iPhone out performs a Blackberry in all categories ‘cept one.  Texting. Gail is constanly on hers so I am stuck…  🙁   -C

I’m pecking on the iPhone.  I can’t  take and send images ..arghhhh.  It raining cats and dogs.  We got a new GPS as the other one won’t give us time or directions.  QOV’ers are on their way from NYC to Warrenton, MO.  We’re supposed to have riders escorting us  later today.   🙂  I need to film them escorting the QOV rig, any suggestions?   –C
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Ok, so were going down the road worrying about do we have enough money. When catherine says, Gail let’s stop at a truck stop and you can solicit  funds and I’ll film. So if you see us arrested Catherine made me do it.  The things we’ll do to raise money.  God help us.  -g (admin note: please donate to QOVF, button/address is at the bottom of the 1st page.  We accept Paypal/Credit Cards/Checks/ also plain old Cash works too.)

Were headed to Lincoln, NE and the U of Nebraska quilt museum!  They are the heart and soul for quilt history and research.  They recognize the historical importance of our QOV’s.  You are making history with all your loving, little stitches.  No gotta go stay tuned.   -C

We arrived weather not looking good.  We just want it to hold for our fanfare of riders.  Got to hotel, rooms not ready, not the best rooms, but were on a beer budget.  So here I m in middle of parking lot tellin you guys we aren’t crazy yet.  I love NE but they can keep there rain and storms.  Hope you don’t see me on news Catherine still wants me at truck stop.  till later   –G

Well were here we are in lincoln NE, it’s good.  Our econo lodge was not what we expected and when we  couldn’t stand the smell, we all looked at each other and said we gotta move.  My cousin Sue showed up and came to the rescue.  We moved to holiday inn express and then she paid for rooms life is good again on the road and I got a pool too.  The sun is trying to come please let it be dry.  We have met Julia one of our POCs (point of contact) and Catherine is recruiting  her to help her with filming. There changing the route for escort so now were going to be getting nervous.  It’s  all getting exciting,  we’ll keep you updated.  -G

admin note: motorcade to start at 3:15pm cst… we’re looking for a web cam at U of Nebraska.

Were on our way to reception and the american legion riders are leading catherine is hanging out the window filming life is good on road.
As soon as we get some pictures, we will post… i’m guessing they are having too much fun to send us a picture… we tried to webcam them on the street to UofNE but we must of have missed them or wrong street.  Sorry, again we will post as soon as we can.   –admin

We just got back.  We are truly tired, but were just beginning our journey.  It was so amazing.  When we regroup tonight we’ll get  pictures to you.  Today we picked up 113 QOV’s. 🙂  The trailer is getting full.  God Bless NEBRASKA!!!  –G