I am almost in a panic.  Almost.  I have a few clothes I’ll be taking and my TON of electronics for filming/communicating.  Last nite, Brooks came over to brief me on the filming portion.  He gifted me a little log journal in which I am suppose to log all that I film.  We don’t have a clapboard BUT I’ll buy a small dry eraser board to mark the scenes.  He also brought the ‘dead bunny’ (not really a dead bunny) to put over the shotgun mic.  Thanks Sean.  And a little assortment of other filming goodies.  I also learned that my little 16gb card will only do 30 minutes of filming.  Need more storage.  When we are done with filming, guess what has to happen?  Everything needs to be TRANSCRIBED.  

Holy smokes!  This is the reel thing.  I feel such a weight of responsibility to get the story for you all.  Why?  Because you ALL have such incredible stories.  Really.  I’m not kidding.  Gail told her dad that he may be holding the boom pole with shotgun mic and he smiled.  We may be grabbing YOU to help with this production.

BTW, we do have a production company called COVER’EM Productions.  If you haven’t seen our dvds, I recommend them.  We have 2 long ones and 1 short.  I put the ’07 long one on and worked all day listening to classical music (podcast safe) from Magnatune.com and your images from the quilts and images from downrange.  I looked at the images of the qovs and servicemembers and my heart wept.  

War is hell.

One last thing before I pack.

A young marine who has deployed told me, “ma’am, I took one of those Real Age tests.  I am 22.  The test told me I was 44.5 years old.  I’m ready to retire!”  I reflected.  War ages one quickly.  I also offered him a QOV.  He said without missing a beat, “Ma’am, a quilt is nice but what I really want is a car!  In fact, I want a Ferrari.”  I think that marine needs a car QOV!