Today we headed to the Viejas Outlets. I’ve never been the best shopper, just ask my Mom, but I decided to take it slow and let Flo and Barb direct the shopping tour. The Mall itself is set among huge rocks with statue of animals all around with waterfalls. Prettiest shopping mall I’ve ever seen. Did we buy anything? I hope to tell you, but we were all happy with what we found. Good thing we drove the car.

Our next stop was to get Flo’s iPhone fixed. She dropped it and broke the screen. We got lucky again. They had opened a new shop so we called in to see if they repaired smart phones, went by and in one hour they had fixed her screen. When we went back to pick up the phone I was talking to the guys – I had a feeling one was a veteran. Sure enough, before we got out of there we learned Brandon had 4 tours in Afghanistan. As we walked out we all said he is getting a quilt. We don’t have our quilts yet – they come in on Saturday morning. We always find veterans.

On our ride back I kept telling the girls to look at all the pretty flowers. All of a sudden we came upon a field and Barb said why don’t you stop? We were in the outside lane going a pretty good clip so I put on my race care mode and over we sent to the side of the road. Through everything Flo is in the back seat screaming and then Barb looks at me and says, “I didn’t think you would stop.” Guess what, I got my pictures –hope you enjoy.

Then we went to Old Town so we could have dinner – best Mexican ever. Homemade tortillas, too. We decided we had had a pretty good day and we should head back to the hotel to rest. As we got in the elevator to go to our room, we ran into some of our veterans. They looked at Flo and me and asked if we were with the VFW – we both had our QOH sweatshirts on. We said no and I quickly changed the subject. Boy was that close. It is so hard to not tell them what we do but it’s going to be so rewarding.

Now it’s time to end the night. We are thankful to have a day off. The girls are trying to make me slow down – I’m trying. Stay tuned………….

God bless,