It was nice to see so many Table Rock Quilts of Honor members turn out for the presentation. Their group made 39 quilts for the Riders. There was some confusion from the Radisson folks on where the presentation was to occur and after we got the letters and cards on the quilts and we were ready to go, they moved us down a flight of stairs. So off we go, in alphabetical order, all of us carrying the quilts. It was quite a parade.

There were Purple Heart Riders all over the hotel since it was the Purple Heart Convention for this part of the country. One man walked up to Janie, Mary and I and asked how he could get quilts. He was a Chaplin and conducts retreats for PTSD. His son had a Purple Heart and was attending the convention. We started talking and soon I knew the extra quilt was going to him. He handed me a piece of a flag with a beautiful saying on it and thanked me, a veteran sister. I motioned to Flo to get the extra quilt, please. She had already made 3 trips in the pouring rain. When I handed him the quilt in the hallway, he choked up. I knew he understood what he was receiving. It was a great moment.

Bonnie and Barbara attended the presentation with us. I was so proud of our California QOH crew. They jumped in and didn’t complain. They just knew what we needed to do and did it. Bonnie and Barbara took pictures of all the veterans and will mail them a picture so that made it even more special. The sad part was 20 quilts were not presented because the recipients didn’t show up. Afterwards, we had to decide what to do with those quilts. Rose stepped up and took the quilts. The Purple Heart Riders took up a collection to pay for postage so they all could get their quilts.

Thank you to all who helped accomplish another mission – It Takes a Team. Thank you to Janie for our t-shirts.

As Bonnie and Barbara were working on taking photos, one veteran turned to them and said, “This is the best gift anyone has ever given me.” One told me, “You just don’t know how much this means.” But, guess what, I do. After doing this for 12 years, going all over the United States, I think I have learned something. I’ve tried not to remake mistakes and not make people unhappy, but it does happen. That’s why I often say, “WE DON’T HAVE EGOS IN QUILTS OF HONOR. IT’S ABOUT OUR VETERANS.”

God bless all who continue to support Quilts of Honor. We are actually enjoying today with sun and Quilt Town USA.