We had a good flight today. Debbie made us Easter eggs stuffed with goodies which was fun. She found my Sees scotch mellows – guess I’m spoiled. When we boarded our flight from Arizona, the stewardess said she wished she had gotten chocolate on Easter so Debbie surprised her with an egg and she started to cry. Deb shared her eggs with all of the stewardess and they said we could have anything on them but all we wanted was water. That made it seem like Easter.

When we went to get our rental car, the clerk upgraded us to a Ford Explorer with all these different bells and whistles. Well, don’t let Flo get ahold of the controls. She had our seats burning up and Debbie is in the back and her seat was heated too. Then Flo turned on the cooler and the seats started getting cold. Debbie says, oh that’s different. We started laughing and Flo kept hitting buttons. I almost drove off the road from burning up and then cooling down. Moral to the story – don’t let Flo near the controls.

We had a great southern dinner at Smiths and homemade cobbler. We got in late and now we’re off to bed. We start early tomorrow with the Quilt Guild meeting and then Vietnam veterans in the evening.

Hope everyone had a good Easter.  God bless,

Stay tuned for our adventures in Missouri. . . . . . .