Thanks to Cynthia Wheeler for the great pictures from the Quilts of Honor presentation on November 11th to ten veterans.  Queen B’s QOH was part of the presentation held at Berean Christian High School in Walnut Creek, CA.  Queen B’s workshop provided 7 of the quilts presented with 3 more quilts pieced by the students, all first time quilters.

The presentation was moderated by Pastor Russ Belmont (Gail Belmont’s brother) and each quilt was presented to the veterans by the students. The patriotic feel was thanks to the school choir who did a wonderful job.

About 10 members of our Queen B’s workshop were at the presentation. I know that every one of us who were there was so proud just to be a part of this day.  What a great start to Veterans’ Day!

Susan Denton
Queen B’s Quilts of Honor
Antioch, CA