We had such a great morning! We decided to go hunt down buildings with quilt blocks. Back here that’s a big thing. Now us being from California, we thought they would all be on barns. Boy, did we get fooled. They were in windows, high on buildings and the Rexall Drug made us laugh. We had to really look at it to know it was a quilt block.

We had fun looking for them and it’s good we didn’t have signs on our car cuz we stopped in the middle of the roads, we did u-turns and dead stops, but we found the blocks.

We had lunch at DQ Dairy Queen – remember those? Back here when you get fries you get biscuit gravy with your fries. Boy was I happy. I ate the special and even got an ice cream sundae. Of course I had to hear it from Flo cuz the chicken strips were fried but so good and the biscuit gravy was good, too.

Now we are off to the Grand Ole Opry. The place is huge. Thank God for handicapped parking and we found one pretty close. We made it as you can see from the pictures. I’ll let you know how it was.

God bless,