Today I learned what Quilts of Honor Family is all about and I was on the receiving end.  I often talk about how we are family, we gather each month for our workshops so we can make our quilts, we laugh, we eat, we cry, we enjoy each other’s company and we enjoy what we are doing for veterans.  We have built friendships and for 5 years so many of our QOH family keep coming back.  Some drive two hours but they make it.  That, to me, is determination and a love for Quilts of Honor.  I always felt blessed so many would show up to help and work their fingers off all day binding, cutting fabric and sharing quilting ideas.

Today they blessed me.  It’s been a pretty tough year for our family with Dad Belmont but after his last fall, we hope once again he will be on the road to recovery.  Through this past year our family decided to turn the barn into a little house for me.  That way I could be closer to Mom and Dad and help out.  For me, taking care of them is a no brainer.  I’m the oldest and they deserve the best of life.  I lived in my other house for 20 years so it has been quite an adjustment but God seems to always have plans for me.  Being closer I can hopefully quilt more when all is settled.

Through all of this, my QOH family has watched and I think worried as so much was changing for me.  So, they decided to throw me a “Barn Warming”.  Of course I did have to clean house so everyone could see.  Well, they did it up good.  We had the best food and over 40 people came.  My bedroom was once the tack room – that makes a good story when showing the barn off.  I got the cutest things and a money tree.  With the extra money I will put in a water softener.  I got an olive tree that I can’t wait to plant and watch it grow as QOH has grown.

THANK YOU is not enough for all those who came to the “Barn Warming”, brought food, gifts and smiles and hugs.  The cake was to die for – lemon made by Villa Bakery with a barn on it.  We all loved it and I had it for dinner, too.

Today proved what a giving group we really are, but I already knew that by all that you give to Quilts of Honor and myself.  It was good to see some of our family that can’t make it to the workshops but are a part of us.

To my QOH Board, I couldn’t do it without you and your undying support 24/7.  To Willene and Cliff, Barbara, Debbie, Andy and Flo who started the morning so early setting up cooking and not letting me do much – I will always be grateful and blessed you are in my life.

God bless each and every one of our Quilts of Honor family.  Love you all.  I hope you all know how special you are.

We have a busy month of May so I’ll be posting our events – stay tuned……


Barn Warming Cake

Barn Warming Cake