Our mission today was to go to Mt. Vernon and get Christmas ornaments. Jeannine let us use her ‘hot rod’ – it’s an Audi and it was really cool and very sporty.   Plus, we didn’t have to ride the Metro.

It started pouring rain and was pretty cold but those heated seats were our lifesavers. The first thing we saw, as we walked into Mt. Vernon, was the beautiful Christmas tree. It was right where we had our quilts displayed when we were there. It really felt like we were in a special place we knew. We chatted with the help and they all remembered Quilts of Honor.

Then we went to Old Town to get ice cream and Pops and it was closed so a-shopping we went. You know we can’t stop Flo from shopping. We had a nice lunch in old town and later we went to the favorite 5 and 10 store and our famous bakery.

Pat came by and picked up the Marine Quilt and then we had a great dinner that Jeannine fixed. We really rested most of the day which is still new to me with this knee. Tomorrow we will try for better weather and hopefully visit the Wall.

All stay well and safe and keep stitching. God bless,