We left Nashville, TN early this morning and headed to Ruby Falls on top of Lookout Mountain. We really didn’t know what we were going to see. We bought our tickets and before we knew it, we were in an elevator going down 260 feet underground. That was a little nervy – 12 people packed in an elevator and no windows. When we stepped out into the tunnel, it was rock, solid rock. They should have told us we were going to walk ½ mile in tiny spaces, stairs up, down, all around, but it was really awesome to see the formations. We had a guide who thought he was a comedian making it fun. When we got to the Falls, it was beautiful and so worth it. We had reached 1,000 feet underground. Then we walked ½ mile back out. We were hungry and tired but really enjoyed it.

Then we went to Rock City to see the point on the mountain where you can see 7 States. It was so beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was nice to take our time and try and be normal tourists for a change. My folks came to visit me in 1970 when I was stationed in Alabama and we went to Rock City. I’ve always wanted to come back.

We arrived at our hotel at 3:30pm and right off met 2 of my WAC sisters with hugs all around. We are all excited to see each other and spend time together.

Our funniest story was tonight – we went to get dinner and the girls decided they wanted Dairy Queen (DQ) like what I had the other day for lunch. They advertised $5.00 for a meal of chicken strips, fries, drink and a sundae. Check the picture – Flo was overloaded with food. Think she ate it all. I just couldn’t pass up that shot.

Stay tuned for more to come.
God Bless