Well, we made two u-turns before we got 30 miles down the road this morning so I’m thinking it’s going to be a long day. It was so green driving through the Grapevine and the poppies were already blooming.

Barb and Flo are my sidekicks for this event so on our ride down, we had enough snacks for an army. It was a good thing because we didn’t get to stop for about 3 hours while we were stuck in LA traffic. For future trips to anyone who knows Flo, don’t let her sing for you. I almost drove off the road.

We made a pit stop outside of Laguna Beach to find restrooms. We saw a TJMAX so we thought they would have a bathroom so we walked in. Now, if any of you have been in TJMAX around our area, it has discounted items. Were we fooled – they had runway clothes and the first sweater I saw was $2,495.00. My teeth almost fell out. I yelled at Barb and Flo to come and see it. We all got an experience in that store and I won’t forget it. Flo said it sure wasn’t like home meaning Stockton. Next thing we saw was gas for $2.99 – glad we live in Northern California.

We landed at the Crown Plaza and at one time this was a pretty fancy place with waterfalls, fish ponds and a glass elevator. We went to dinner in Old Town San Diego – best Mexican food around. I asked the girls if it was worth driving 8 hours to eat there and they both said, “not that good.” We all laughed.

Heading off to bed – big day tomorrow. Stay tuned ……………..
God bless and keep stitching,

PS: Missouri Star Quilt Company listed Quilts of Honor on their Blog as a good charity to donate.