Today was a much quieter day. After all our excitement from last night, and not much sleep, we changed our schedule today and pretty much just rested. We did get Flo to a fabric store so she could get Texas material for a quilt she is making. We also got to visit Fred and visit with Mocha, her dog. Fred put him on the treadmill so Flo and Debbie could see him run and she made a great dessert. We left early as I’m still not 100 percent and actually took a nap. Later we went to the River Walk for dinner. It began to pour with thunder and lightning – it was so nice to see rain. I think Rita had the best day – riding that longhorn in a dress.

We are still talking about last night and how great it was. Tomorrow we hope to do more sightseeing – God willing and the creek don’t rise.
Stay tuned…………..

God Bless