November 11th was Veterans Day.  I had a quilt for my 87 year old neighbor who had been a member of the Army Women’s Nursing Corp and retired with the rank of Colonel.  The plan was to take the quilt to her house in the early evening to surprise her.  Then I thought, why do it by myself?  This woman needs some recognition.  So, at 5:15pm, I went up and down the main road in our very little development and knocked on the doors of my friends.  I told them I wanted to give a quilt to Joann at 5:45pm and asked them to join me.  The plan was to sing Happy Veterans Day to You, give Joann her quilt, and then go our separate ways.  Not a single person refused.

We met at an intersection and walked to Joann’s house.  Everyone hid around the corner as I went to get Joann.  I knocked on her door and when she answered I told her she needed to put on her jacket and come with me.  Joann never asked a question or hesitated – she put on her jacket and came outside.  She was VERY surprised when she rounded the corner and was greeted by our makeshift neighborhood chorus singing our Happy Veterans Day song!

A fun presentation indeed!!!!

Dorothy Brett
Bexar County Quilts of Honor, TX