Today we went to college, ha ha. No, really, we went to learn about a working college. The students must work to go to college and it doesn’t cost tons of money. They teach them respect for God and Country – wish we had more of that. They grow everything that is prepared at their own restaurant. Two of the things they are known for are fruitcakes and ice cream. We got a tour of how they make fruitcake. They ship all over the country. The fruitcake is left packed for 6-8 months before shipping. I didn’t eat it.

They have a beautiful Chapel and three Memorials to veterans. They also have a war museum that was interesting and the students have taken trips to Korea and Vietnam with veterans to learn what they experienced.

There was a beautiful pond with one big swan and when Debbie tried to get close, he stuck his head through the fence and tried to bite her. It was pretty funny, he was nice to us.

When we were in the gift shop, we ran into a Purple Heart Rider who had a service dog. I immediately started talking to him and the dog came right up to me. The veterans said she had never done that before. I told him she know, she senses us. He asked if we were her for the Purple Heart Riders. I told him yes but not what we did and I patted his shoulder and told him I might see him again.

We walked over to the Vietnam Memorial which is beautifully done and the Plaque describes it perfectly. We also toured the Ralph Foster Museum where we had our picture taken in the Beverly Hillbillies truck. Flo and I sat inside which was a struggle and they almost had to pry us out. Debbie and Rita were laughing so hard. Good thing we didn’t have it on video. We found some Ozark crafts and thank God they didn’t ship home or Flo would have bought a big Eagle.

When we got back to our hotel, there were Purple Heart Riders now staying where we are. We are really hoping they haven’t realized that they are receiving quilts.

Tonight we are going to the New Jersey Nights show, actually being tourists. The 4 of us are sitting in our seats waiting for the show to start as I finish my Blog. All 4 of us are on our phones – quite a site.

Stayed tuned as tomorrow is our big day!

God bless,