We began this morning at 8:00 am and haven’t looked back.

Dropped my Rue off so Stacey and Jay could baby sit. I know I will miss her like crazy but there was just too much going on.

We got to the Tuleburg Quilt Show in Stockton at 9:45am and before I knew it, I was carrying the California flag for the Karl Ross Honor Guard. It was okay but I haven’t stood at attention for that long in a while. These old knees knew it but I loved it. I turned around from Honor Guard duty and began the ceremony for Quilts of Honor.

We gave quilts to so many deserving veterans. We even took 4 quilts displayed in the Quilt Show off the wall to give to veterans on Veterans Day. I wasn’t going to leave a veteran without a quilt on this special day. I know I may not have made some ladies happy, but our mission is to honor our veterans with quilts. It was a good morning and we completed our mission.

As an added event, Karl Ross had their Flag that was from the Civil War. We were very honored to see it and have our pictures taken with it.

We left Stockton and headed for our next event in Livermore and of course got stuck in a traffic jam in Tracy. There were fire engines and police cars so I took the back roads, thank God. We stopped at the Livermore Outlets to get luggage straps – not a good idea. We got stuck in the parking lot, Flo got lost, and I did a wheelie in the traverse to get out of the parking lot as I was upturning for the first time. Needless to say, the girls weren’t too happy. So, we are off to a good start. We made it to the Livermore event and got ready to start again.

So far I have loved this Veterans Day. To my Dad Belmont – thank you for your service and to all my sisters and veteran brothers. Never forget our veterans.

God bless and stay tuned. This is only day one. . . . . . . . .