What a week for so many of our Groups. I know, here at headquarters, these last few weeks have been crazy. We mailed over 60 Quilts – it just doesn’t seem to slow down.

I loved seeing the photos and stories on Facebook. So proud of our Quilts of Honor Groups! I didn’t get to do all I usually do as I had a partial replacement of my knee. I did get to go on Veterans Day to a short ceremony at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. It was a beautiful Veterans Day with outside ceremony and our good friend, Andy Prokop, was there to assist us with honoring a Marine veteran. When Andy called his name, he walked forward and said, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is nice. I’m so honored, so surprised.” He kept saying thank you. He took his quilt and walked back to his coworkers where they held it out and looked at it. Chad must have thanked Quilts of Honor 15 times. He said it was going to take him a couple of weeks to realize this. We got to have cookies and punch so it was a good Veterans Day.

On Sunday, November 13, Flo and I drove to Concord to award a quilt at my brother’s church, The Bridge, in Concord, CA. We arrived right at the last moment but Russ introduced me and we called the veteran forward. He had no idea he was receiving a quilt. He even had this look like I’m not coming up there. When he stepped up toward me I said we are in God’s house and he knows we tell stories to get our veterans to receive their quilts so not to hold it against us. When I took his hand and said my thing, tears started streaming down his face and I knew how much his quilt meant. He later said I’m not deserving of this and I told him yes you are. He was a Vietnam veteran with a couple of tours. It was that kind of award when you knew how much he needed this quilt. That was a great end to Veterans week for me. It is always my favorite day of the year.

To our groups who went the extra mile helping honor our veterans this week, thank you. We are going to post your pictures of Veterans week for all to see with this blog.

God bless you all and keep stitching.

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Nebraska Group

Queen B’s Group