I know everyone is again, waiting… they got invited to dinner tonight, so we will be patient.  I hope they have the time of their life tonight.  And relax just a bit, tomorrow is one more long day.  If your able to help out on Sat or Sun at  Camp Lejeune, please email Jan@QOVF.org.  We will  post a simple slide show as soon as we get pictures.  We just posted the pictures from Caseyville.   —admin

Catherine is getting ready to send photos … 🙂

Also thank you to those that have volunteered to help Sat/Sun … as soon as we have details Jan will contact you…

We just received a great story from Kate Kruse in Kansas City, we’ll post as soon as we figure out a way to post it complete… very touching story, I applaud all you piecers, quilters,   —admin

Just talked to Gail they have had internet problems tonight, she said she’s tired but very happy.  Some many stories to tell later, when she’s had some rest.  Today’s pictures are of Beth Sizemore the point of contact for the Knoxville, TN area.   and …. the Humvee, that’s Catherine hanging out of one humvees she was riding in.  We ought to have just a section of photos with Catherine hangin’ outside of vehicles. — pictures soon   –admin